Staying In The Hospital With Your Loved One

This post is not intended to make people feel guilty if you cannot be there with your loved one. But I want you to be aware of things that go wrong in a hospital even when the patient is awake and aware of their surroundings.

My husband went into the hospital because he was having pain in his stomach and at this point he only had about 15% of his kidneys still working. I had to work and could not get away that day and they were running tests on him, trying to figure out what was wrong with his stomach and they sent him down to do some xrays. No big deal (we thought). They took him down to do a CT Scan which uses dye. He cannot have dye because it will shutdown the last little bit of kidneys he had left.

Now where I have gotten more demanding and forceful in my old age, my husband has gotten more detached about his health. Because he deals with it on a daily basis, I think he pretends that it isn’t happening anymore.

They take him down to have xrays and they wheel him in for a CT scan and they want to put dye in him and he says “No I am not suppose to have dye”. He said it twice and in his defense he probably didn’t feel great, however he was awake and capable of walking away. He didn’t walk  and they gave him the dye. It took four days for it to get out of his system and to get his kidneys working fully again. They fortunately didn’t have to start dialysis and it didn’t kill the last little bit of kidneys that he had.

If I would have been there with him I am positive that they would not have given him any dye! I felt guilty for about a year, but now I just make sure I am with him when he is there.

There was also a time that he was intensive care and they wanted to put him on a ventilator and I kept refusing until I could talk to another doctor. The 2nd doctor gave him a unit of blood and his oxygen levels came up averting a disaster. The 2nd doctor said that it would have killed him because he would have never been strong enough to come off the ventilator.

I wish for you and your family good health.


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