I used to think that Anger wasn’t good for anything. I have since changed my mind.

Anger is good for you, it gets your heart pumping, it can give you clarity in your mind and it can push you to talk to people with an authority that you wouldn’t normally do. And it is hidden inside your body needing to come out.

When it’s not good . . . when you have thoughts of hurting someone, yourself or property. Now don’t get me wrong I have wanted to strangle doctors before, but instead of doing it I have just had them taken off the care management or asked that they not come back.

So what I am talking about is constructive anger.  The kind that makes you want to stand up and “Yell We’re Not Going To Take This Anymore”. It’s the kind of anger that has started new churches, new charities, new businesses and the kind that makes you think that there might be another approach to an illness.

Sometimes Doctors get so engrossed in their specialty that they don’t look at the body as a whole. Everything in our bodies are so intertwined that when one is just off a little it can effect three or more parts. If you have a doctor who is only looking at the kidney and the heart is having difficulty due to the kidneys not working then you need to get the doctors on the same page and force them to see the body as a whole.

This is where anger comes in handy. I do not have a degree in anything medical, but I am a voracious reader of everything, so when there is something I do not understand I go to the internet and research and then go back to the doctor with questions. Because of the anger I am able to question the doctors on why they are doing something and if it doesn’t have some common sense woven through it then I continue to ask.

And by the way I am always sickly sweet to them because my mother-in-law always said “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. But if they are idiots I go in for the kill.

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