Waiting. It’s what everyone hates to do in a hospital, but in a hospital it’s all you do.

I always have a bag of tricks with me or at least in my car should I find myself in a hospital. It used to be that I always had a book with me, now however I take my computer, or my phone is always with me. I carry a pad of paper, pen, and phone chargers, deodorant (weird I know but stress tends to make me sweat).

I have thought a lot about buying a nook or a kindle or a tablet because they are small and easy to carry around.

If I find that I can’t get back out to my car I have Notes on my phone with the title of the doctor whom my husband is going to see with either one word that will remind me of my question or a short questions that needs to be asked. I also have Google on my phone and that helps tremendously if I don’t understand what they are talking about.

As far as waiting, get used to it. It’s the way of the hospital world!

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