Too Short.

I don’t think I need to say anything else, but I will just because I can’t shut-up.

I remember thinking 30 years was a really long time, that was before I was married for 30 years. On our 30th anniversary I remember thinking “wow it wasn’t that long ago that I cried all through the ceremony and laughed at my new husband because I was giving him a headache”!

When 60 years comes around will I look back and think the same thing? Or will it be a distant memory or a sort of fog in my brain.

Unfortunately, I won’t have my husband to reminisce over those memories. We were married May 17th, 1980 on a decade so that I could remember how many years it was. However we should have been married on an easier day to remember because our whole married life I couldn’t remember the date. Terry my husband, could remember and would look at me and say, “Now what day did we get married?”

Today, I remembered our anniversary, because it is my first without him and I venture to guess that I will never, ever forget it again.

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