Sleeping at any time . . .

I realized this is probably one of those things that most people would love to have the ability to do if only just to close their eyes for 5 minutes. I can, and do quite frequently.

Years and years ago when my mother died and I was 27 years old, I had a horrible time sleeping. Not only was I not able to fall asleep, but when I finally did I had horrendous nightmares; Steven King style.  I learned to repeat number 1 over and over in my head and wouldn’t let my mind wander as it does when you are trying to go to sleep. I knew that if I was obsessing over something that I needed to do the next day then I would write it down and start over with number 1. Years later, number 1 ended up having a top hat and tails and he danced his way across the stage. It was how I tried to teach my daughters how to go to sleep. I actually don’t remember whether it worked or not for them, but it did for me for many, many years.

When my husband became sick, I spent a lot of time sitting next to him in the hospital. I learned to fall asleep in a very short period of time. I can’t sit up straight as I have seen Joan Rivers do on T.V. but if I just lay my head back ever so gently on a chair, I am out. I can clear my head and block out noise and concentrate on sleep. I have been embarrassed however because when I am out, I am out. Doctors, nurses other people who might need me will have to shake me or yell “Mrs. Rose!” to wake up. I have also caught myself drooling on a number of occasions and snoring.

Now if I need a quick nap, I set my phone alarm and close my eyes for 5 minutes.

Yep, I’ve learned this the hard way. But now, I wouldn’t give this up for anything!

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