Don’t take no for an answer

Last year after my husband died, three other people in my area also had deaths in their families. One young man in particular has touched my heart.

Tonight we were talking about doctors and he looked and me and said “you have to go after doctors and make them believe you”. And I said “why do you say that?”

“My mom kept asking for an MRI because she felt like something wasn’t right in her body and they wouldn’t give her the test. They said that she just didn’t feel good because of her diabetes. She swore there was something wrong in her kidney.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“A year later she went to the emergency room because her knee hurt so bad and she couldn’t walk, that they decided to do an MRI on her knee and guess what . . . they found cancer there and they found cancer everywhere and one of her kidneys was totally full of cancer.”

Tonight was the first time he has talked about her and about the cancer and about her death. He turned 18 in the last 6 months and his mom didn’t live to see his birthday. He lives with his sister who is 20 and his brother who is 14. He goes to school full-time and tries to work full-time as does his sister. They pay their bills on time and are surprisingly happy considering their situation. No dad in their lives.

My point to this whole post is that this kid knows something most adults don’t know, which is: don’t take no for an answer. If something feels wrong in your body and no one is taking you serious then go someplace else. There is a huge possibility that she would be alive today if they would have listened to her.

My other point is: what an inspiration he is to the rest of us. He has strength that most of us dream of having. He is working hard to make sure he and his family are taken care of and emotionally he has a very no nonsense take on his life. Plus he has learned to stick up for himself and his siblings.

We could all learn from him. An amazing young man.

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