Memory Blanket

I honestly don’t know what you call them, but that is what I call them. It is when you take the clothing of a loved one and make it into a quilt, blanket whatever. Sounds great doesn’t it!

Yeah, today I saw the one that my younger daughter had made. Not such a great feeling when I looked at it. There were all of my husband’s favorite shirts, including the ones that I tried to get him to throw away when he was alive!!! My older daughter had one made out of his favorite t-shirts.

How will my daughters feel when they wear out or get damaged or whatever!

Maybe someday I will look at it and only have fond memories, right now all I can see is loss.

I am trying to find a positive in this story. Like I should remember the good times and love when I see the blanket.  Or that he can still keep us warm on cold nights. (OK that is downright silly). But truthfully I should have something to think of when I look at those so when I go to both my daughters houses I don’t burst into tears every time I see them.

Maybe I will just cover up my grandbabies with the blanket and know that he is close in spirit. How’s that for a positive spin!?

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