Miracle in January

I think miracles surround us every day of lives, but we are either too busy to notice them or just shun them as coincidences.

I have witnessed several miracles that I can write about but this happens to be one of the biggest and the most obvious.

My husband Terry was waiting for a heart transplant and he was slowly getting weaker and weaker every day. He felt really lousy on this January morning and I said “Do you think you need to go to the doctor?”

Terry really never complained about feeling crappy, but I just knew that he was different that day.

I helped him get ready and I drove him to the doctor who by now got us in whenever we called. The nurse came in and took his blood pressure and then took it again and then again. She looked at me and said “I think my cuff is broken”. She came back in with a new one and took it again. Her face dropped and she left the room. In walks Terry’s doctor.

“So your blood pressure is low. I think it is time for you to go to Cleveland. (Terry was a patient at the Cleveland Clinic). There is nothing I can do for you here.” He said. Terry’s blood pressure was 70/40.

They walked us over to the emergency room and there we stayed until we could get an airplane to take him to Cleveland.

The weather had been kind of warm that day and it was a little foggy out, but nothing where we were concerned about a plane landing at our local small airport. Around 7 that evening we had finally found a plane to come get him, but just as the plane flew over the state line the fog became dense and a friend of ours who worked at the airport had to turn the plane away. They decided that they would have to fly into a larger airport 40 miles west of us where there wasn’t any fog. They had started toward Des Moines and found out that the fog had enveloped the airport there also and they were not sure of what to do next. The ambulance was waiting to load Terry because no one was sure where to go at that point when we hear our airport friend say over the intercom, “It’s lifted, the fog has lifted. The plane can land here!”

There were shouts of joy and all of a sudden the emergency room came alive with people. They started packing up Terry and all his equipment to haul him out to the airport. (A five minute drive).

At this point there were quite a few friends and family in the emergency room and they all ran to their cars and raced to the airport. I rode out with my father and Terry’s mother, the girls and I sat in the backseat. There, waiting at the airport was the plane. They walked Terry from the ambulance and had him climb into the plane. The girls and I kissed him goodbye. We sat as we watched the plane take off and then it disappeared into the clouds.

As we were driving away the fog came rolling back in. As a matter of fact, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.

Is it possible that we had a mini cold front come through right at that moment when the plane landed? Then the cold front waited for Terry to get on the plane and then waited for the plane to take off before getting warm again? Yes, I believe that did happen. I also believe that I witnessed a miracle. One of many to come, but my first to make me realize, really realize that there was a God and no mattered what happened we were all being watched over.

I now try very hard to pay attention to the little coincidences that come along and people that just show up in my life, because THERE ARE little miracles every day.

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