My Surgery

Today I am writing my blog on my own wrist surgery.  I feel very fortunate that it is my left wrist and I am right handed. What I have learned is: one handed sucks. I bow down to people who are one handed because pretty much everything is difficult. Forget blue jeans; a zipper and a button all on the same article of clothing, that is just impossible. I can get everything on, but not off again.  I found that wearing larger sized blue jeans helps so you can just pull them down. Especially when you have to go; really, really bad!

Eating requires a little help. Cutting meat is impossible. I haven’t figured this one out yet. Maybe ask a friend or don’t eat meat out in public so you can just pick it up!

Washing dishes. Difficult at best. I have a portable dishwasher that I can’t hook up to my faucet (a two handed job) and it is tough to wash a glass with one hand. Although I did do it earlier today! (Possibly no one wants to come to my house and eat in the near future unless they rewash everything!)

This is only day 5 so I am sure there will be more before the bandage comes off next Monday. By the way, I did try to talk on my phone and drive. Fortunately for everyone on the road, I got 15 feet and put it on speaker!

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