Unintentional Goals

Every year sometime around Christmas I start thinking about my goals for the coming year. I write between 90 and 110 goals each year. Not to actually be completed that year, however I am always amazed at how many I have completed without even realizing or trying to complete them. In February this year, a girlfriend paid for me to go to Florida and lay on a beach for a week after she and her husband had separated. The goal on my list was lay on a beach someplace! What a wonderful surprise.

I start by gathering my goals from last year and start checking off the ones I completed. It’s my favorite part of goal setting; counting how many were finished and crossing them off the list. I think I enjoy this part because I am a list maker and my favorite part of a list is to cross off each item. Then I go through my old goals from previous years.  Because it’s fun to see how many I “accidentally” completed. Then I decide when I will sit down and write my goals. Typically it involves a glass of wine, you know to get the creative juices flowing, and then I dream.

My goals are sometimes very specific like planting rose bushes and sometimes they are pie in the sky goals like buying a 2nd home on a beach someplace warm. Typically I group them into different areas of my life and then I pick three in each area and make a game plan on how I am going to accomplish each targeted goal. I also will keep some of the goals that I haven’t completed from the previous year on my new list. Occasionally I have to get rid of goals. This year I had to completely revamp my goals because my husband died and over 50% of my goals were “our” goals. I had to decide if those joint goals were important enough to keep on my list or find goals that are more specific to me.

An interesting thing happened in October. I decided to have wrist surgery in November and I really thought maybe I could take a few days off after Thanksgiving and go visit two of my sisters in Arizona. Well I found out that I was going to be off work longer than the 10 days as originally planned and I realized that I might be able to spend Thanksgiving with my sisters! My kids then decided that we should all spend Thanksgiving together in Arizona. Both of my sister’s children got in on the action and all decided to come for Thanksgiving. My (unintentional) goals were: visit my sisters in Arizona, go with my children on a vacation, and see all my nieces and nephews. These are all goals that were not on my immediate to do goal list. They were all on the pie in the sky list, but look what happened!

So this year I am looking forward to writing my goals and excited about my future. I have no idea what my life will look like at the end of 2014 but I am sure there will be happy surprises along the way!

My wish for each of you is a Happy, Safe and Prosperous 2014 and I hope each of you have tons of Unintentional Goals Fulfilled!


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2 responses to “Unintentional Goals

  1. You and your goals changed my life when I came to Re/Max and always for the better. I love my goal lists now. They’re not just goals but their dreams with endless possibilities! Thank you for the wonderful advice all those years ago. Hope you are doing well and would love a glass of wine and chat sometime!

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