2014 Calendar with a Surprise!

I finally got out my calendar that I purchased for 2014. Normally I make my own with inspirational quotes or something to smile about throughout the year but 2013 found me vacillating between being emotionally normal and being downright scary so I didn’t trust myself to make up a calendar this year. Besides the fact that I don’t feel very inspirational about anything, so I bought a calendar. Beaches. So all year long I can dream of sand, bright sunshine, warmth and my love of the ocean.

Upon opening it I realized that there was a cardboard insert, I suppose to keep it from bending, but the company did something that caught me off guard.

Calendar Beaches

I know that this is put in all of their calendars but gosh, it spoke to me when I read it.

I absolutely love things that stop me in my tracks! Don’t you?!

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One response to “2014 Calendar with a Surprise!

  1. Nancy

    I truly believe there are no coincidences…there are some things that happen on purpose. Sending love…

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