Taking the time to see people

When I realized that I would be off work for 10 weeks with my wrist I thought “Good grief what will I do with myself”. Well surprisingly I have kept very busy. I sat down and wrote down all the people that I have missed seeing this last year and I have intentionally made it a quest of mine to stop by to see all of them!

I have spent a ton of time with my daughters and my grandchildren. I have seen 4 of my 5 siblings; hopefully I can get to the last one soon. I have gone out to dinner and lunch with a number of people that I love. I have delivered cookies to dear friends. I have traveled to nursing homes to see older friends that can’t get out to see me.

And now it’s crunch time. I have a little over one week before I am supposed to go back to work and I still have 6 people that I need to see.

The problem is not that we get so busy that we don’t have time, although that is the excuse that I and everyone will use. But it’s that we forget what is important in life and what makes us happy. I am 100% positive that seeing my friends made them just as happy as it did me.

About 4 years ago I started adding two goals to my list and that was to spend 4 weekends with my children and meet quarterly with friends. I always write this in on my calendar so that when I turn over to the next month, there is my reminder to get together. I immediately pick up the phone and invite them to do something. I also would schedule date nights with my husband so he didn’t feel left out!

Well last year I didn’t write on a calendar because I just didn’t care. This year I am going back to my scheduled life and remember to see my friends and family.

Time flies by so quickly that one day you wake up and realize years have gone by. If you don’t take the time to plan these activities then someday might be too late.

So today, just take out your new calendar and think about whom you would like to see this year and write it down. You will be so grateful that you did!


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One response to “Taking the time to see people

  1. Cindy Deeter

    I just wrote one name in my calendar. You, Julie! I hope to see you in 2014!

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