Going to the Doctor

If you were to ask me today what is the single most important thing you can do when going to a doctor for a checkup or for something more serious, it would be to take someone with you.

As children we have an adult go with us to the doctor and when we are elderly we have someone take us, but for some odd reason we think that we don’t need anyone in between.

Have you ever gone to the doctor and walked out of there with a prescription, but you’re not a 100% sure what it is for?? I have. I actually got out to my car and Googled it on my phone to find out what it is used for.
Fortunately, I haven’t had anything seriously wrong with me, but what if I missed something really important that the doctor told me to do and it just hasn’t come to light yet. Do I listen as well as I should? Do I take notes about my own health? I always did with my husband because I knew the minute the doctor walked out of the room I would have a question and typically the answer was in my notes, or if it wasn’t then I could ask the nurse to clarify or have the nurse call the doctor for further explanation.

I haven’t ever asked anyone to go with me when I go to the doctor. This is really, really silly. Because when typically are we at our weakest points in our lives? When we feel rotten and don’t want do anything? When all we want to do is crawl into bed and sleep? This is when we spend time with our doctor. Am I taking notes? No. If I feel so bad at that moment is it possible that I don’t hear something correctly or not ask that important question? Yes.

So why do we think that we can do this thing called life alone? Again, why don’t we ask for help? Why don’t we ask someone to go into the doctor’s office and sit with us, to ask the question that possibly could save our life or even to have someone there with us to hear the answer to a question that we don’t want to ask.

I only pose this question to make you think next time you feel like crap and you have to go to the doctor. Because, maybe just this once, you will ask your partner, child, sister, brother, friend, neighbor, anyone to go with you. They can be your second pair of eyes and ears that actually may save your life!

Or maybe it will just end up that you have someone to go to lunch with when you are done with the doctor! Either way, it’s all good.

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