Why do I have a Blog?

After I posted my last blog, my sister thought it was something worth reading and she reposted it to Facebook. I freaked out! I had just talked to my daughter about whether or not I would put it on Facebook and really had decided not to because it scared the hell out of me. I don’t want to be judged for my feelings, punctuation and grammar and I am very insecure about my writing abilities, plus there is no purpose to this blog! Shouldn’t there be purpose in everything we do?

I started the blog because I had a wealth of knowledge about hospitals and I wanted others to be informed, but then Terry died and I didn’t have a reason to continue to write. However, I did continue writing without realizing it because I wrote two blogs named Death. It wasn’t until I wrote Life on May 17th, 2013 that I became aware that I was writing my feelings down. But there still wasn’t a purpose to the blog.

My niece has a blog http://923oak.com/ a glimpse into the lives of people who share the same address across the country. My brother has a blog http://roadtips.typepad.com/a_salesguys_guide_to_the_/ A Sales Guy’s Guide to Travel, Food and Music in the Midwest and Beyond – and Much More! And my middle sister has a blog http://cicibianca.com/blog/ Incomparable Knitted Ribbon Jackets.

Mine is just: https://everythingiknowilearnedthehardway.wordpress.com/ no tag line explaining what it is! After a year of posting my articles and actually having some followers that like some of the things I wrote, I decided to let my two daughters become aware of the blog. Actually my main reason for telling them was a fear that if I should die they would find it on my computer and wonder why! Then I also sent it to two of my sisters, because they love me and support everything I do.

I actually haven’t written anything since the last post because I was still questioning what my purpose was for writing the blog. My sister Cindy (http://cicibianca.com/blog/) suggested I Google “why do writers write”. Guess what! There has been a study! http://authorspromoter.com/why-writers-write/ I checked to see how I fit into this. There were many reasons, but I picked out the few that I could relate to. I wanted to help others; yep that is what started the blog, but then Terry died. I get pleasure from writing; I do know this is true, because I have been writing for years and I could do it all day long.  Last is that it is very therapeutic; hmmm, gosh I think that is very true. I have an online journal that I keep only my deepest darkest secrets and so this blog is really what I have learned through living. Hence the title “Everything I Know I Learned The Hard Way”.

After a week and a half of whining to myself I have decided there isn’t a concrete reason except that I enjoy writing. So, I am giving myself a break and letting my blog just be. I decided I kind of like the “What I have learned through living” as a tag line and maybe through my writing I can actually help someone else. So I will continue to write and not question my abilities and if someone does criticize I can always block them or turn them into spam! I know that I should just continue to do what makes me happy and hopefully you are along with me on this ride called life. It’s always interesting and ever changing!


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2 responses to “Why do I have a Blog?

  1. Chaoscream

    Sometimes I believe that we write because we can. It is an escape of raw emotion and thought. I believe that we do not always have to have a reason we just have things that we want to express and writing is one method of getting those things out.

  2. Shelley

    I am so very proud of you! Keep writing!

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