Classic Beauty

I work in an industry where men are always hitting on my co-workers and me. It’s just part of the package when you are a server. For some odd reason I can’t get this one comment (supposed to be a compliment) out of my head.

Customer: “Julie you are a classic beauty”. All I could think about was oh my God I am being compared to a Thunderbird! A 57 Chevy! A Mustang! (Ok well a mustang is not so bad, but come on!). My next thought was from Thumper’s mother: if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all. So maybe this guy thought he was being complimentary, however I don’t care about cars and the word classic brings up all sorts of “old” images.

I smiled, went to the wait station told everyone what he said. We all laughed and I went on about my business. Today as I look into the mirror to put my make-up on, it popped back in my head. Why do we remember the garbage and forget the real compliments? Dumb people, really everyone should go to a social class before being let out into the world.

My only thought is more than likely that guy was single and remains single.



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4 responses to “Classic Beauty

  1. cicibianca

    Ah, ha, ha… Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Catherine Deneuve are all referred to as “Classic Beauties”. Take it as a lovely compliment!

  2. I agree with Cici! I was thinking he meant you’re beautiful and it’s a type that doesn’t fade, isn’t brought about by artifice and make up but a genuine timeless true beauty.

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