The Easy Road

Some days I actually hate reading something that makes me say “Oh My Gosh that is me!” This morning I said that as I was reading Marc and Angel Hack Life; a blog that I subscribe to. Typically I read their blog and I think ‘yes that is a great idea I am going to implement it into my life’. Today I just felt this sinking feeling as I read nine reasons you’re stuck where you are. Number 8 threw me for a loop; “You’re still looking for the easy road.” And I realized that ‘yes I am’.

I am tired of fighting for everything. I want to wake up some morning and think the only thing I have to worry about is what I will be wearing. I know that sounds really boring and shallow. But I just want to experience it for a moment. I don’t want anything handed to me on a silver platter, copper is just fine.

Really aren’t we all looking for the easy road; the lottery ticket or the million dollar idea that propels us into instant Easy Street? I just want to be comfortable and some new windows and flooring would be nice . . . but if an easy road comes my way then I am going to take it, embrace it, run on it and jump on it for joy!

Ok now I am just fantasizing, but I hate that I can’t take the easy road! Why can’t I just think and feel it and it will happen???? So maybe I am not following the Secret as completely as I should, but I try every day! I know I have to take my licks and kicks to get to “Easy Street”, but can’t there be an “Easy Road” to take!

I do things every day to try to keep me motivated. My favorite is TUT.  I receive an email from TUT Monday through Friday that encourages me to make my dreams a reality and I have to say that it always makes me smile. Before I climb out of bed I have read my TUT email. (Yes that is how I wake up in the morning; I read my email in bed!) Think about this though, if you smile before you climb out of bed, haven’t you won most of the battle for the day which is happiness????

Back to the easy road. I can see it, I can feel it, I can . . . I can . . . I just want it, Alright! Now that I know I am stuck, I have to change it. Darn, I hate it when I have to change! But that’s another post for another day! My hope for each of us is to find that Easy Road that takes us to Easy Street, just don’t get stuck there!

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