Blog – 52 weeks of Blogging is hard!

This year when I made my Goals, one of them was to blog 52 times this year or once a week. Well let me tell you that coming up with a topic or writing about nothing can be very difficult! Occasionally my thoughts and feeling will propel me into writing and some weeks there is just nothing there between my ears. Some weeks I can’t post what I have written because it may be too close to my heart and I just can’t reveal what I am thinking. Or I re-read it and think “oh that is really stupid” or poorly written or it doesn’t make sense. This week I have nothing to write about!

So I will write about photos (they surround me in my office). They keep my memories alive, but when did we stop putting photos into albums? Many years ago someone would take a picture and we would place it in an album in a somewhat chronological order. Now two things have happened: I have a drawer full of photos that I don’t know exactly what to do with and a phone full of photos that half of them are worthless to me. (I am amazed at the stupid pictures I have taken this past last year!!!).

I think we might be just too busy or it’s just too much work to put photos in albums. Besides, I don’t want to buy an album, because my children don’t want them. We found this out when their Grandma went into a nursing home 8 years ago. We tried to divide them. I honestly don’t think anyone was excited about storing them. My older daughter puts all of her photos on an external hard drive (or two; she takes a lot of photos!). My younger daughter; everything she has is on her phone.

My biggest problem is that I should really start making a photo album for when I am old (no children I am not old yet) but for when I am forgetting who the hell everyone is! I remember doing something like that for my mother-in-law who had Alzheimer’s.

Or . . . maybe we are going back to a day when photos were actually precious. The photos you keep out to look at; important photos. If you were like our family we posed at the front door. Like the first day of school, graduation, or a family gathering.  (I have a couple of those from my family, but also from the family that lived in this house before us!). Now those are photos! Especially the one where my dad let a fart and we are all hysterically laughing. I think that one needs to go into my old age photo book. Can you do that for me girls??? You know this technology thing is just tooooo much for me!!!! (Don’t tell them, but I just don’t want to do it!!!!!

Hoyt at front door

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