Green Grass

It’s raining today and I love that we are finally getting some moisture. I have worried about all my plants all winter because we really didn’t get very much snow and we really needed that water!

For a couple days now I have been watching the landscape slowly change over to green. And then this morning as I was sipping my coffee I realized something about myself; I like green. Green has always ranked at the bottom of my color choices. But green is at the heart of nature and I love nature!

The base of nature in Iowa is beautiful green grass. The kind you have to take your shoes off and walk on because it feels so amazing on your toes. The kind that is so bright green that you have a visual overload and it actually hurts your eyes! And the kind of green grass that childhood memories are made of; lying on a thick cushion of green grass under a big Oak tree and watching the clouds pass over on a summer afternoon.

Why has it taken me 55 years to realize that I love green? Or is it that I am just more in tune to my surroundings? I have always said the reason I love spring is because the flowers start to bloom. Now I am not sure, because before the flowers bloom, there is green grass!

Now that I know I like green, I am so very excited to see the green leaves come out on the trees!

Happy Spring!



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