Work and Weirdo’s

Every week I leave my job behind for two whole days and when I leave I think “Thank God, I am leaving those looney people”. It’s not the people that work there; although I have seen my fair share of characters that have worked there for 2 days to 20 years. But I am talking about the not so average person that grace us with their presence.

Last Monday night seemed to just bring them out or maybe we were just slow enough for me to actually observe their behavior.

Everything seemed to be kind of normal until this woman and man came in and sat in my section. She had 9 inch nails painted a sparkled silver. Lovely . . . the lady across the aisle was searching for her friend so she could point out the obvious. The pained and disgusted look on her face told the whole story and I didn’t think she would be able to sit there and eat her food watching those nails clank around on the table.

The “nail” lady couldn’t pick up her silverware properly. She had to curl her hands off to the side and use the outside of her hands to pick up her water and fork. Fascinating actually; like a train wreak, everyone one just stood and stared. We (the wait staff) of course were in the back talking about how in the world did she even wipe her butt!

It was then I notice a young woman wearing a crocheted swimsuit cover-up. First of all, inappropriate for a restaurant, but the best part was that she was wearing a thong bikini. I seriously had to circle her because I couldn’t believe that it was a thong. It was.

In the meantime time one of my other tables had decided to take a picture of the woman with the nails. He walks up to her and said “I am sure you get asked this all the time. Can I take a picture of your nails?”

She replies with “Yes you can take the picture and no one has ever asked me”.

I was dying. When the guy left I so wanted to run after him and give him my number so he could text the picture to me!!!! But I could get fired for solicitation, so I decided to just stay put.

I really don’t know if we have become a society of people who just don’t care about what others think or maybe we have become so “politically correct” that nothing is said to the people that really need to have their asses reamed for being idiots. Is it socially acceptable to wear anything or to grow your nails to the point where they are gross and probably full of bacteria? Have people become really strange or is it my imagination?!

Don’t get me started on butt cracks! That is a daily occurrence at my place of employment.

I am just grateful I am in my little cocoon for a couple of days.

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One response to “Work and Weirdo’s

  1. Cindy Deeter

    I think you see it all and more. Wow! Don’t know how you keep a straight face!

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