First Date

I went on my first official date. Weird, very weird. Now this was my third time to have actually “met” him. The first I made him come to Altoona, a midway point between the two of us at 9:00 am for coffee. The second we had a couple of beers at a bar in Altoona. But this time was different. He pretty much decided on everything and I was to meet him at the Cheese Cake Factory at Jordon Creek Mall in West Des Moines because we would be going to a movie just across the food court in the Mall. So I went a little early and window shopped.

He emailed me and said he was early and at the restaurant. So I rode up the escalator and started freaking out. This was my first date. “OH MY GOD WHAT AM I DOING!” I pulled out my lipstick and tried three times to get my hand to stop shaking and put it on in short swipes. I had visions of lipstick across my cheek, on my teeth, in my hair, you name it. In three short seconds I envisioned it all over my face.

I purposely walked with long strides and my body very rigid. It was the only way I could control my body. I was terrified of what it would do.

OK, I have to be honest here. I don’t know who I inherited this from, but every time I am nervous about something I get diarrhea. It’s my sign from my body that my mind is not happy. I can look and act like everything is OK, but my body never lies.

So into the restaurant I walk. AHHH . . . he is sitting on a bench looking like this is just the most awful thing he has done in years. HAHAHA! I suddenly feel better, because I feel sorry for him.

I picked out four items on the appetizer menu that I would be happy eating and let him have the final say in choosing. I chose things like Thai spring rolls, lettuce wraps and a couple of other things. He has already figured out that to me all food is good food as long as someone else is preparing it! I tell him that I like everything except for liver and onions and he laughs because he just had that two weeks ago. He picks the safe appetizer, an artichoke and (something) dip. He also decides on a shrimp and a pasta dish for us to split. Very safe.

We have dinner, nice conversation, he knows one of the assistant managers who comes over to see us and sends us a pumpkin cheesecake to finish our dinner and we literally run to the movie because we are 10 minutes late.

We settle into our seats and of course there is an additional 15 minutes of previews on top of the 10 minutes that we have already missed! The movie starts. It’s the ‘Judge’ which was very good up until the point that the “mother board” broke and we sat there in silence staring at the screen. The lights come on and the “on duty” manager comes in and apologizes. 10 minutes later he comes back with a free ticket for all of us. I give mine to my date (I can’t imagine ever driving out that far again for a movie!). The manager come in again (3 more times) to apologize and finally comes back and says “it can’t be fixed this evening”.

Fortunately for us the guy behind us says “Hey, we need more free tickets so we can see the end of this movie”. The manager come back again and gives us another round of tickets. This time my date gives me his ticket and says “Now we both have 2”.

We leave and walk out to the parking lot. It has snowed. Really!? And it’s 23 degrees. I give him a hug and say “thank you” and jumped into my car and drive away.

As I sit here I am asking myself, “Did I enjoy it?” Hmmm, it was ok, but I have to say that tonight I went to my local bar “where everyone knows your name” and had a beer and there was no difference between the two. I don’t think I am attracted to him . . . maybe that’s why it feels the same.

OH! Epiphany! Shoot, am I supposed to be attracted to them? Damn I missed that memo. Maybe I am just lonely and all I really want is someplace to go where I am welcomed. I learned a trick from my granddaughter when she was three; when you shout someone’s name upon seeing them that they feel loved and wanted! There is nothing better than my grandchildren yelling my name. And tonight when I walked into the bar two people called “Julie!” (There were only five people in there)

Anyway I digress. Apparently that’s all I want right now. Someone that is happy to see me and shout my name. Actually isn’t that what we all want?


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2 responses to “First Date

  1. You make me laugh – what is better than that?

  2. Shelley

    I want to call and shout your name…but it is early here!

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