“Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain” ― Henry Ford

In 1991 my husband Terry went to the hospital and found out he was in congestive heart failure. One of the very first things the doctor told him was  to slow down and not do anything; no walking, exercising, etc.; otherwise he wouldn’t live. Maybe that is what this doctor believed but we didn’t; it went against common sense. He chose to stay active. We found that when he had his heart transplant that he was a very healthy patient and he had a very fast recovery time, because he had continued to walk and ride a stationary bike.

Terry and lived a very normal life after the heart transplant for twelve years before the antirejections medicine that Terry took started to shut down his kidneys.

This blog was created to help others to think that there might be another way. I am not a doctor, nurse, nor do I pretend to be one on TV. I don’t even like medicine, needles or sick people. I was thrown into this situation because of those words “for better or for worse”. This is only my opinion and I want you to seek out your own answers.

I am not always right, (which drives me crazy) but I try to look at all angles before making a decision. And through all of the years of living with a loved one that has an illness. I have learned that life goes on and I need to continue to be part of it.

Terry unfortunately died October 24, 2012. I still feel the need to write about my stupid thoughts and conclusions I draw upon on a daily basis, whether it be in a hospital or just in every day life. Thank you for taking the journey with me.


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